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Houston Employee Relief Organization
HERO provides financial and emotional support for survivors of City of Houston employees killed while serving the Houston community. Because HERO is an independent organization supported entirely by donations, it needs your financial help. Contributions to HERO a 501(c)(3) charity, are tax-deductible.

HERO Supports John Davila's Family

John Davila, Plant Operator Supervisor at the 69th Street Wastewater Treatment Plant, accidentally fell into a water tank and died at work. This tragedy occurred Tuesday, May 12, 2020. Houston Employee Relief Organization (HERO) Board Members, Eric Dargan and Jane Cheeks, reached out to Gloria Davila, his wife of 22 years. The day following his death, HERO presented her with a check for immediate financial expenses as a result of John's untimely passing. HERO will maintain contact with family to provide additional financial support if needed.

John had 31 years of city service. John's entire career was spent with Wastewater Operations. He was known as a dedicated supervisor. He was proud of his job and earned the respect of his staff. Gloria, like her husband John, is a long-term city employee. Gloria is also a dedicated Public Works employee of 27 years.

HERO's purpose is to provide immediate financial assistance to municipal employees' families when their loved ones dies in the performance of their duties. The public is often unaware of the dangers posed to many city employees in the performance of their duties. Since 2007, HERO has provided immediate financial assistance to numerous families. HERO will also assess the family's financial needs for future financial assistance. HERO depends on city employees and others who do business with the city to support HERO so HERO can continue to support municipal employees' families in their time of need.

HERO has no administrative expenses, so 100% of all donations serve these families. Please, consider donating to HERO to help families like John Davila's. HERO thanks you. You can donate here:

Representatives of Enterprise Car Sales, a division of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, donated $1,500 to the Houston Employee Relief Organization (HERO) on December 5, 2020. HERO provides financial support to the spouse and children left behind when an on the job tragedy claims the life of a dedicated City of Houston employees.

Enterprise’s Gina Harris, Cameron Hawkins and Dakarai Henderson presented the donation to HERO board member Malcom René, president of the Houston Metropolitan Federal Credit Union; Ken Lackey, HMFCU loan manager; Houston board member Jane Cheeks, City of Houston Human Resources Department director; and Houston board member Eric Dargan, chief operating officer and deputy director for Houston Public Works.

2021 Annual Golf Tournament

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What we do

after a municipal city employee is lost:

Address immediate needs
Immediately provide the surviving family with a check to help them through their time of need
Concierge service
Provide counsel to the family for navigating through the city of Houston insurance and benefits program
Help dependents
Provide financial assistance to eligible dependents after review and approval of the HERO benefits committee recommendations
Assist with education
Provide funds for continuing education of dependent children, in some cases
We host an annual golf tournament and participate in the City of Houston's employee giving drive, the Combined Municipal Campaign.
Board meetings are held quarterly at the Houston Metropolitan Federal Credit Union at 608 E. Tidwell Rd. Houston, TX 77022.